Want to be SmartHER with your small business and/or personal marketing? With SmartHER Marketing, you are going to learn and understand your business’s marketing strategy, tactics, and analytical results. As a business owner, whether you are thinking about starting a business, in your early stage, or growth stage, it is important that you have knowledge of every aspect of your business - even if it’s at a high-level.

Are you ready for a SmartHER Marketing experience? Get started today and connect with me (Annie) today for your small business or personal marketing help.

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I can help you get started with your small business or personal marketing, are you ready to be SmartHER with your marketing?

  • Marketing Strategy

    • See what could work for you, especially if you’re bootstrapping your business.

  • Audience Identification

    • Do you know who your audience is?

    • Figure out who your audience is, where they “live”, how do they consume content, and what are their needs that your business can provide value to, or solve?

  • Website copy

    • Let’s get the branding and messaging consistent throughout your website.

  • Email marketing

    • Identify which email service provider is best for your business,

    • Help with email copy, content, and messaging,

    • Setup automatic emailers, or better known as responders,

    • Brainstorm on email campaigns and creatives.

  • Social media marketing

    • Identify which social media platforms are best for your business,

    • Setup and linking accounts,

    • Create a content calendar,

    • Review & understand analytics.

  • Copy Writing (Let’s face it, everyone can write, but not everyone CAN WRITE! Be Smart and outsource this to SmartHER Marketing)

    • Email copy,

    • Website copy,

    • Social media copy,

    • Ebooks, eguides, marketing messaging, and more!