Words from a few happy clients. You don’t have to take their word for it but do read their reviews since they took the time to write one. Thank you kindly!

Happy, SmartHER Clients


"Marketing is not only Annie's job, it's her gift. A gift that she graciously shares with clients with all kinds of projects and ideas. I had the pleasure of meeting Annie and quickly learned so much, primarily that I too was a marketing maverick, I just had to develop skill. Annie's approach put me in control of my own success, while showing me a sense of professional power I never knew existed. Annie's sincere but assertive approach made me anxious to go after the success she helped me to envision, and made me determined to see it become reality; because of Annie's marketing strategies, I have launched a successful book, generating huge interest and increased social exposure. In our sessions Annie demonstrated her passion for leading me to my goal. Her creative insight and genius approaches had me eager to put her teachings to the test...and every time I did I was beyond pleased with the outcome. Annie's SmartHer Marketing is invaluable because she lends her expertise and passion to her clients, so they too can learn the ways to successfully market their brand in a highly competitive market, but with Annie there is no competition. There is no one like Annie. My experience with Annie was unmatched. "

— Tanisha Carter, Author of More than A Conqueror, Licensed Therapist anD inspirational Speaker